Glass bottles for liquid cosmetic packaging are small bottles (narrow bottles), which are mainly used for packaging nail polish, nail polish, perfume and essence. The structure and shape of glass bottle can be designed according to the need of product packaging, and can be realized by changing the mould during manufacture. The bottle body can be decorated, printed or labeled directly. At the same time, different color glass bottles can be selected to meet the packaging requirements of cosmetics with different characteristics. The design of bottle caps with glass bottles is very important, especially the design of perfume bottles and caps.

On the outer packaging of cosmetic bottles, we can see the capacity of cosmetic bottles. However, in fact, some cosmetics companies in order to advance profits, in cosmetics packaging bottle capacity, the initial use of brains. On the one hand, of course, the capacity is marked on the outer packaging, but the capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles is not up to the standard. For example, the bottom of some cosmetic packaging bottles is concave. Of course, the appearance of cosmetic packaging bottles is very large.

But the internal capacity is limited. Popular consumers are difficult to distinguish the actual capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles. The relevant quality supervision departments should establish strict supervision system to effectively protect the interests of consumers. The capacity of cosmetic packaging bottles should be standardized to protect the interests of consumers. In view of this kind of image flashing in cosmetic packaging bottles, we feel that we still need to set up relevant standards in order to restrain narrow cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers. At present, there are many enterprises in order to attract customers will break money on product packaging. There are cosmetic packaging bottles here. We talked about cosmetic packaging bottles, and more about the problem of excessive packaging of cosmetic packaging bottles. The material and appearance of cosmetic packaging bottles are too luxurious. The luxury of cosmetic packaging bottles is an important aspect that people criticize. But there are other aspects of cosmetic bottles that deserve our attention and adherence.

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