It is a combination of plastic bottles and glass bottles in our previous bottle packaging. It provides an effective guarantee for the rapid development of our packaging industry. It also fills in the blank that some products in the domestic packaging industry can not be packaged. It can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some products are exported. One of the advantages of this pressure bottle material is that it can be further processed. The previous bottle packaging will not meet the customer's requirements, and this acrylic bottle can meet this requirement now, as long as you can think of it, now we can complete it. This is the good performance of Acrylic bottle.


Cosmetic container acrylic packaging bottle has good transparency, transmittance of more than 92%, anti-aging performance is good, can also be used safely outdoors, acrylic packaging bottle variety, rich color, and has good comprehensive performance, providing designers with a variety of choices, can be dyed, the surface can be sprayed paint, silk printing. Or vacuum coating.

Acrylic bottle is actually a kind of organic material which combines acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. This kind of material not only has the function of glass bottle but also plastic bottle. It embodies both functions on pressure bottle, and its function is very obvious. It has good transparency, more aging resistance than ordinary bottles, light weight, strong anti-fragmentation ability and good insulation. The important thing is that it can resist acid, alkali and other corrosive things, and the shape can also be processed beautifully. It would be appropriate to use it in cosmetics, and its production has been well reflected throughout the country.

In the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, cosmetic plastic containers and acrylic bottles are widely used in cosmetics packaging such as high grade cream, lotion and so on, which are well received by the market. Acrylic bottles not only have the characteristics of plastic: fall resistance, light weight, easy coloring, easy processing and low cost, but also have the characteristics of glass bottles with beautiful appearance and high-grade texture. It allows cosmetics manufacturers to obtain the appearance of glass bottles at the cost of plastic bottles, and also has the advantages of falling resistance and easy transportation.

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We can finish all the processes inside our own facility from mold design, tooling making, injection, bottle blowing, spraying, silk screen, hot stamping, vacuum metallization , digital printing, laser etching, ultrasonic welding to final assembling.