There are such or such factors as movement, friction, static electricity and so on in the process of acrylic cosmetics container, which will make acrylic products defective after processing. How can we ensure the cleanliness and good quality of acrylic cosmetic containers?

1. Material selection of acrylic cosmetic containers. Choose the suitable acrylic board according to the processed acrylic cosmetic packaging bottle (domestic transparent acrylic board: 1.25*1.85M, 1.25*2.45M; imported transparent acrylic board: 2*3M).

2. Acrylic cosmetic container packing. Recycled materials in acrylic are easier to dissolve in organic solvents than new materials, so that filament cracks often occur in filling paint after carving. In order to solve this problem better, we usually choose: 1. Resin pigments; 2. Amino paint (available in chemical stores); 3. Polishing after filling paint.

3. Acrylic cosmetic containers scratched. For some acrylic cosmetics containers, the surface of acrylic products is scratched by Qinwei or not obvious damage. It can be polished with general sandpaper. When polishing, attention should also be paid to circular moving sandpaper, and the fineness of sand should be well controlled. Then it can be rubbed with toothpaste.

4. Static electricity in acrylic cosmetic containers. Acrylic products are easy to generate static electricity, and then will adhere to small debris or dust, so it is necessary to use soft cotton cloth with 1% soapy water before silk printing or painting, in order to ensure cleanliness.

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