In traditional technology, the shell made by injection moulding process is usually single-layer structure, but when the shell is used to achieve the effect of double-layer structure, it needs to be made into a high-wall thick container. The side wall of the shell is solid, and the shell after moulding is heavy. Compared with the hollow double-layer shell, its material cost is high, the cost of processing high wall thickness die is high, the forming cycle is long, resulting in low processing efficiency, and easy to deform during processing, easy to shrink, resulting in low yield.

In view of this, cosmetic containers are processed by injection molding process, which can reduce the defective rate of products and improve the quality and aesthetic appearance of products. In order to meet the technological requirements of injection moulding, the bottom of the shell body is open type, and a bottom cover is assembled with the bottom of the open type.

Cosmetics are necessary for women to use. Because women are sensitive to fashion trends, colors and styles, the appearance of cosmetics packaging containers will not attract the attention of women consumers if they are slightly out of fashion or without any color or style ingenuity. Sales have a great impact, therefore, how to develop a cosmetic container with more specific style, ingenuity and aesthetic effect, and also with cosmetic display function, is a goal that the industry needs to strive to develop and improve.

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