Caps and closures play a pivotal role as customizable extensions of a package’s design identity and are often used by cosmetic manufacturers as implements to enhance product value and customer experience. Three of the most influential trends impacting the beauty, personal care and fragrance closure market right now are speed-to-market, customization and environmental consideration, and closure providers are continuing to fine tune their outputs to maximize the benefit associated with each.

Packaging suppliers are constantly working to develop new products in anticipation of new beauty packaging trends. Choebe is currently exploring alternative liner structures that support its environmental initiatives and offer a singular point of interaction with consumers. For instance, the company’s patented Choebe Itech is billed as the first liner to enable scent permeation through an induction seal closure liner without affecting the seal or compromising the contents. It’s an ideal way for consumers to experience a scent in the retail aisle without compromising the seal or the product contents. 

He liners are embossed and feature a folded pull tab for easy consumer removal. And because Luxe liners are applied via an induction seal, which secures the liner onto the PE, PP or PET container rim, the product also delivers tamper- and pilfer-evident attributes.

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