Cosmetic container acrylic bottle not only has the characteristics of plastic: wrestling resistance, light weight, difficult to color, difficult to process, low cost, etc., but also has the characteristics of elegant appearance and high-grade texture of glass bottle. That is to say, it allows cosmetics manufacturers to obtain the appearance of glass bottles at the cost of plastic bottles, so it also has the advantages of falling resistance and transportation.

Acrylic processing silk printing consists of acrylic screen printing plate, acrylic scraper, acrylic ink, acrylic printing table and acrylic products. Next is the detailed description of acrylic packaging bottle processing technology - silk printing.

Before printing, the acrylic ink on the acrylic screen printing plate is poured in, and then the acrylic scraper is applied to the ink part of the acrylic screen printing plate under certain pressure. Meanwhile, the ink moves to the other end of the screen printing plate on average. During the translation process, the ink is squeezed from the mesh of the acrylic screen printing part to the acrylic screen printing part. Cray products. Because of the stickiness of ink, the impression is fixed on the required area. During the printing process, the scraper must always contact the screen printing plate and acrylic products. The contact part moves with the translation of the scraper.

Because there is a gap between screen printing plate and acrylic products in this process, the screen printing plate produces reaction force to scraper through its own tension, which makes screen printing plate and acrylic products only mobile contact, while other parts of screen printing plate and acrylic products are mobile contact. Non-contact, so that the ink and screen interruption, so that the accuracy of printing size can be improved and placed dirty acrylic products. When the acrylic scraper scrapes across the entire acrylic product layout, the acrylic screen printing plate is also raised, and the ink is scraped back to the original position, so that the acrylic processing silk printing of Zhongshan Namei Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is over.

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We can finish all the processes inside our own facility from mold design, tooling making, injection, bottle blowing, spraying, silk screen, hot stamping, vacuum metallization , digital printing, laser etching, ultrasonic welding to final assembling.