Usually used in cosmetics container wall thick cream bottle, bottle cap, bottle stopper, gasket, pump head, dust cover for injection molding; PET bottle blowing for two-step molding, tube embryo for injection molding, finished product packaging for blow bottle. Others, such as latex bottle with thinner container wall and washing bottle, are blowing bottles.

PET is an environmental protection material with high barrier, light weight, non-fragmentation, chemical resistance and strong transparency. It can be made into pearlescent, colored, magnetic white and transparent. It is widely used in the filling of gel water. Bottle mouth is generally standard 16, 18, 22, 24. It can be used with pump head.

The acrylic material is injection bottle, which has poor chemical resistance. Generally, it can't be filled directly with paste. It needs to be separated by inner gallbladder. The filling is not easy to be too full. It can prevent paste from entering between inner gallbladder and acrylic bottle, so as to avoid cracking. The packaging requirement is higher during transportation. It looks particularly obvious after scratch, has high permeability and feels super thick on the upper wall. But the price is quite expensive.


Cosmetics packaging manufacturers glass bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, solid paste generally used wide-mouth bottles, suitable for distribution of aluminium caps or plastic caps, bottle caps can be used for color spraying and other effects; Emulsion or water paste generally use narrow-mouth bottles, suitable for the use of pump head, to pay attention to prevent the rust of springs and balls, most pump heads are now matched. The glass bead is usually tested by the material test, for example, the matching cover needs to be matched with the inner plug, the water agent is matched with the small hole and the inner plug, and the thickened emulsion is provided with a large hole plug. Glass bottles have the same material selection, more shapes, rich processing technology, and diversified matching with bottle caps. Common bottles are cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, conical and so on. Manufacturers often develop series of bottles. There are spraying, transparent, abrasive, translucent toner, silk printing, bronzing, silver stamping and so on.

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We can finish all the processes inside our own facility from mold design, tooling making, injection, bottle blowing, spraying, silk screen, hot stamping, vacuum metallization , digital printing, laser etching, ultrasonic welding to final assembling.