At present, most cosmetic bottle caps in the market are made of plastic and aluminium-plastic composite materials. Comparatively speaking, aluminium-plastic composite materials have better sealing ability and more beautiful caps. They are the preferred capping materials for many high-end cosmetics. Aluminum-plastic composite material in the cap material will contact the liquid in the bottle, so often use 1060 Aluminum foil as cosmetics bottle cap aluminum base material, the thickness is generally between 0.17mm-0.5mm.

Aluminum bottle caps for cosmetic containers are mostly processed on high automation production lines, so the strength, elongation and size deviation of 1060 aluminium foil are very strict, otherwise cracks or creases will occur during processing. In order to ensure that the cap is easy to print after forming, the aluminium foil sheet of 1060 cosmetics cap is required to be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains.

Because of the higher requirement of aluminium bottle capping materials for cosmetics, there are few mature aluminium processing manufacturers in the domestic market at present. According to the current market distribution, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a larger market share, occupying more than half of the market share of bottle capping materials, and has an obvious growth trend, with its advantages and advantages. Good market reputation wins the favor of the majority of cover manufacturers.

The main characteristics of plastics are as follows: 1. Low density and high specific strength can lead to higher packaging yield, i. e. the size of packaging volume or area per unit mass. Second, most plastics have good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of organic rosin agent, long-term storage, no oxidation. Thirdly, it is easy to form, and the energy consumption of forming is lower than that of metal materials such as iron and steel. Fourth, it has good transparency and easy coloring. Fifth, it has good strength, high strength per unit weight, impact resistance and easy modification. Sixth, the processing cost is low. Seventh, excellent insulation.

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We can finish all the processes inside our own facility from mold design, tooling making, injection, bottle blowing, spraying, silk screen, hot stamping, vacuum metallization , digital printing, laser etching, ultrasonic welding to final assembling.