Now people use some cosmetic bottles, many of them are a kind of vacuum bottle which can be squeezed. It is very convenient to use by pressing.


If the vacuum bottle of cosmetics container is extruded, then it needs to have a better choice of the material of the bottle, which should be not easy to break, good is to be able to choose plastic material, not easy to break down, and the pressure is relatively strong. Generally speaking, bottles containing cosmetics will have a free space inside the bottle, then slowly move upward in the process of use, until the bottle is almost used up, then the tray will be closer to the top of the bottle.

pen the lid, then push the tray down, wash the bottle several times, because skin care products need to be cleaner, and then you can put in cosmetics. If the pressure is not high enough, you can try to press more, then you can squeeze out more easily. 

First put about a quarter of the water in the bottle, then put in more than a dozen grains of rice, widow cover the bottle and shake it vigorously for two or three minutes, you can also shake the bottle upside down, so that the bottle will be washed more fully. Pour out the water in the bottle and rinse it several times with clean water. This method is simple and convenient. If there is too much residue in the bottle, you can repeat it several times.

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