If the vacuum bottle of cosmetics is extruded, then we need to have a better choice of the material of the bottle. It should not be easy to break, it should be able to choose plastic material, it is not easy to break down, and the pressure is relatively strong. Generally speaking, bottles containing cosmetics will have a free space inside the bottle, then slowly move upward in the process of use, until the bottle is almost used up, then the tray will be closer to the top of the bottle.

Open the lid again, then push the tray that can be moved to the bottom, should wash the bottle many times, because skin care products need to be cleaner, and then you can put in cosmetics, if the pressure is not high enough, then you can try to press a few more, and then you can squeeze more easily. Come out with cosmetics.

Appearance: cosmetic container vacuum bottle, emulsion bottle cap should be complete, clean, no crack, burr, deformation, oil pollution, shrinkage, thread clear and full; vacuum bottle, bottle bottle body should be complete, stable, smooth, bottle mouth is straight, smooth, thread full, no burrs, holes, no obvious scar, stain, deformation, combination. There is no obvious dislocation of the die line. Transparent bottles should be transparent and clear.

Outer packing: Packing cartons should not be dirty or damaged. The inside of the cartons should be lined with plastic protective bags. The packaging of scratched bottles and caps should be in order to avoid scratches. Each box is packed in fixed quantity and sealed with tape "I" shape. No mixing is allowed. Each shipment should be accompanied by a factory inspection report, the name, specifications, quantity, date of production, manufacturer and other contents of the outer box label, which must be clearly distinguishable.

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