The contents of the vacuum bottle can be isolated from the air, so as to avoid oxidative deterioration and bacterial growth of the product due to contact with the air, and to upgrade the product file with its concept. The popular vacuum bottle on the market consists of a cylindrical elliptical container and a piston at the bottom. The design principle of cosmetics packaging factory is to use the contraction force of spring, and not allow air into the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. But because the spring force and atmospheric pressure can not give enough force, the piston can not be too close to the bottle wall, otherwise the piston will not be able to advance because of excessive resistance; on the contrary, if the piston is easy to move forward and easy to leak material, the vacuum bottle requires highly professional cosmetics packaging bottle manufacturers.

Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept with good advantages. This packaging technology has helped many new brands and formulations to go on the market smoothly. Once the vacuum packaging has been assembled, almost a tiny amount of air can enter the container and pollute or decompose the contents from filling packaging to consumer use. This is the advantage of vacuum packaging, which provides a safe empty packaging device for products, avoids contact with air, reduces possible changes and oxidizations, especially the delicate natural ingredients which need urgent protection. In order to avoid the call of adding preservatives, vacuum packaging is more important for prolonging the shelf life of products.


The vacuum packed products are different from the standard suction pumps or spray pumps commonly used. Vacuum packaging uses the principle of separating the inner cavity and squeezing out the contents. When the inner diaphragm moves upward to the inside of the bottle, forming a pressure, the content exists in a near vacuum state. Another way of vacuum is to use a vacuum soft bag and place it inside a rigid container. The two concepts are almost the same. The former is widely used, is an important selling point, because it consumes less resources, can also be identified as "green environmental protection".

Vacuum packaging also provides accurate dosage control. When the discharge hole and the specific vacuum pressure are set, the dosage is accurate and quantitative, regardless of the shape of the matching press head. Therefore, the dosage can be adjusted by changing a part, from a few milliliters or milliliters, according to the needs of the product.

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